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Rodsville V-8 Quickchange
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Pictured is the Rodsville V-8 Quickchange as featured in some issues of Rodder Journal that is currently available for sale in a kit form from Rodsville and Dealers across the country. Kits includes everything less end gears needed to convert the old 1937 to 1948 banjo rear end to a v-8 quickchange which seems to be the rear end of choice these days. The outside of the case has the look of the classic Hali culver city v-8 but has the much improved rib support of the later Torrance cast cases. We have gone farther and improved the strength of the front pinion support that is the first spot to break under stress that excedes the limitation of the case. Most of the used cases found at swaps,etc. are either broked or repaired in that area. Why start behind the 8 ball? Finally the cases are being cast in a newer formula 357T6 aluminum that far excedes the strength of 356t6. Kit price which includes Halibrand spec hardened lower shaft, new bearings, front seal cover,yoke, and seal,rear cover with bearings,rear nuts and studs, pinion retainer, and pinion spacer and is currently 1695.00. Picture to right is the case kit installed to a 1940 banjo rear end showing the fully assembled form. Note* the center section kit is only part of the picture to the right. Axle Bells, ring and pinion, end gears,brakes and extra's are not included in the rodsville v-8 center section kit. Please call or email for more information and dealers across the country. No Catalog at this time.


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